This is a FREE workshop where I reveal 10 great tips that will take your yoga practice to the next level. It might sound weird, but there are so many things that are hard to unlock in a regular class. 
So whether you are new to yoga or looking to grow your practice, there will be some great information in this workshop. 

This workshop was recorded live, but I’ve divided it into 10 short videos that are easy for you to consume. 
I’m sure you’re going to learn a lot! 

this is what you'll learn!

Connecting breath to movement

This might sound like the most basic thing in yoga, but there is actually some tricks to it!

How to use the method of "Lightness through engagement!

This will teach you how to move with strength and grace and use the transitions to create fluid and strong movement.

The importance of core work and 360 core activation

Your core is so much more than your abs, and being able to activate and use your core efficiently will take your practice to new levels.

Being kind to your hands and wrists

Wrist pain is common within the yoga space and I will teach you tricks on how to keep safe from injury and discomfort.

How to be comfortable in backbends

Backbends can be scary and intimidating. I will reveal what you can do to make them more comfortable and safe.

The perfect chaturanga

This pose and transition is hard, both physically and technically. Let me give you some pointers on how to make it easier.

Jump / Step forward

How is it even possible to step the foot foward without dragging it on the mat? I'll show you!

Different Vinyasa variations

"The Vinyasa" is a fun sequence you do in most vinyasa classes. Let me show you how it can be varied in some fun, creative ways.

Dynamic Stretching and Active Flexibility

These are my best methods for creating a sustainable flexibility that will last longer than your hour on the mat.

How to stick to a routine

However well you apply all of the above the one thing you need the most is CONSISTENCY. Let me share some tricks for a stable yoga routine.

Read the blog post

It doesn’t cover everything I talk about in the workshop, but here you can read about the tips I share to help you deepen and solidify your yoga practice! 

This was absolutely amazing!

Thank you Emilie


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