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Advance your asana practice

Advancing your own asana practice is a great way to stay content and connected. It also makes your teachings more authentic as you learn so much about yourself, and by doing so learn a lot about how your students can experience things. 

When you grow your own practice it can work as an inspiration for your classes, and by gaining new skills you also get the opportunity to keep developing your students. 

We often hear that yoga is so much more than the asana practice, and it is! But when you think of it, what you mostly teach your studends is asana so having a strong self practice would be an excellent way to become a better teacher. 

And having an advanced practice is of course not about the poses we come into or the transitions we perform, it’s about the journey there and what we learn about ourselves during that journey. 

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🎃 Get my halloween sequence! 🎃

My Halloween gift to you is my fun and playful Halloween sequence. It’s all drawn with clear figures in a pdf, with some additional text, so you can either do the sequence from beginning to end – or just get inspired and bring some of the poses and transitions into your own Halloween class! 

I hope you and your students will enjoy it! 👻

advanced asana - yoga teacher program

This fall I will be launching my 8 week  program – The Advanced Asana – Teacher Program focusing on this: 

  • Get a consistent self asana- practice to explore your own physical movements and deepening your connection with yourself

  • Advance your practice to grow your self-confidence on and off the mat 

  • Break down intermediate and advanced poses and transitions in so that you can teach them safely and confidently to your students 

  • Transform your mindset as a yoga teacher into being super confident and positioning you as an expert on the field of teaching asana

  • Prevent you from losing students who are growing out of what you can offer 

  • Keep you from stagnating in your yoga teaching and losing students because they get bored and unchallenged

It will be a beta program, meaning you as a participant will be a founding member providing feedback and testimonials. This means the price is heavily reduced, by 50%

Price for this one and only beta-release of this program is $597 

If you are not prepared to invest this, please don’t sign up for the waitlist. 

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