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Yoga lioness app

This is my own app, where I preach about how a little bit of yoga often will give you greater results than long classes once a week. 

If you want strong Vinyasa Flows, Yin Yoga and soft flows, 20-30 minutes, 3 days a week, with schedule, support and community – this is for you. 

Start your 14 day Yoga Habit Revolution journey for free!

private coaching

I don’t take on many private students, but don’t hesitate to ask! If you’re looking to advance your asana practice, or get more into spirituality or meditation, or why not learn more about the business side of yoga – I can help you out. I mostly coach online, but if you live close, we could meet in person. 

Send me an email and we’ll book a chat. 

local yoga studio

I live in a small village outside Svedala, outside Malmoe in the south of Sweden and if you happen to be close by, you can join me for an in-person yoga class at my small cozy studio! 

Facebook groups for teachers & practitioners

I love connecting with other Yoga Teachers and share experiences and help each other grow. 

And I love to create communities and help practitioners find a sense of belonging.

Therefor I have two Facebook groups: 

Hybrid 200hr YTT

Welcome to VIM Yoga Academy where I have united with the amazing Moni Hunt to create the most hands-on, fully covered Yoga Teacher Training you can imagine. 

Whether you like to deepen your yoga practice, or create your new career this is a journey you don’t want to miss. 

First online, then 2 weeks at Little Cove in Goa India. Founders members offer right now! 

Yoga retreat

When you join me for a retreat, I take you on a journey. Expect it to be well planned from start to end, to include physical practice, spiritual experiences and personal development as well as community, joy and good food and laughter.

Retrospect Croatia Retreat

Retrospect Mossbylund Retreat

Gingerem on Youtube

I have created a lot of flowy, creative and strong Vinyasa Flows that you can enjoy on YouTube! 

They are all organized for you to make it easy to find that special practice for today. 

There are slow flows, strong flows, flows for hips and for back flexibility. You have handstand videos and even a kettle bell workout!

I would love it if you like the classes you enjoy and hit that subscribe button and the bell to be notified when there’s something new. And if you comment, I always reply back 💕

Every Friday at 10 there’s a new 20 minute flow up for you! 

Yoga-helg på Österlen

30 september - 1 oktober

Ännu finns det några platser kvar till denna underbara höst-godbit!

Om du vill ha en energkick för att klara av höst och vinter – då är detta för dig! Du kommer skratta, utmana dig, dyka djupare i din yogapraktik oavsett var du är just nu, äta god mat, vara tyst och stilla och bara njuta av att vara med dig själv.

Bokar du innan 15 augusti har du chans att vinna världens snyggaste och bästa matta från Vackra Liv Yoga, designad av mig!

Många rumsalternativ och toppenpriser!


a magic collaboration with vackra liv yoga

About three years ago, I first found out about Vackra Liv Yoga and their incredible yoga mats. From the moment I stepped on one, I was blown away by its amazing grip and stunning beauty. It’s the kind of mat that turns heads when you roll it out in a yoga studio, and once people try it, they can’t go back to anything else.

So, when the idea of creating a Yoga Lioness mat for the exclusive membership came to mind, I knew I had to capture that Vackra Liv quality. Gabriella and I have been collaborating in various ways for years, and she has a unique passion for yoga, high quality and feminine power which is hard to find elsewhere. When I shared the concept of a Yoga Lioness mat with her, she was thrilled, and now, the moment has finally arrived! This week, you can finally experience the magical outcome of our super-powered collaboration. Get ready to embrace this exciting fusion!

Release May 26 

Price 1399 SEK 

PS: You also have 10% off yoga wear with the code gingerem10 

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Take my free workshop!

Unlocking asana magic

It’s not easy to learn all the small details within asana practice at regular yoga classes, so I thought I’d collect some of my best advice and tips in a workshop. 

This way you can learn at your own pace, tr things out and explore as you go. 

I hope it helps you to find something new, in body or mind. 

Thank you Emilie, now it’s no longer discipline but physical joy. I’ve been practicing with you since beginning of summer and this format suits me perfectly and I’m so happy you’re doing this! I’ve come to many conclusions this fall and one is that I feel my best when I do your yoga daily.

yoga lioness app

I have developed the Yoga Lioness app because I wanted to give my clients easy access to a fabulous yoga practice. 

To me, consistency is the most important thing when it comes to becoming and staying healthy, strong, flexible, and stress-free. 

You need to look after yourself a little every day. 

In the app you can try some free classes with me, you can start your free 14-day trial in my most popular membership Committed Lioness, or get access to the entire library. 

It’s completely FREE to download and try out some classes!

FREE classes

If you feel like trying out a few classes there are always a number of completely free classes in the Lioness Free classes category in the app. 

Right now you get access to my Elements flow bundle, one flow every week, starting with the Earth Element Flow. 

In order to access the free classes all you need to do is create an account, there will be no need to enter any credit card information. 

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