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When you start taking care of yourself you start feeling better, you start looking better and you start attracting better things into your life.

My mission is to help women feel more energetic, more amazing and live a fuller life with a strong yoga practice. 

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5 ways to change your life with yoga


April 18, 4pm CEST, 10 am EST

  • How Vinyasa Flow can make you stronger and more flexible than ever before
  • The basics of Vinyasa Flow – understanding how to make the most of your practice
  • How to set at clear goal for your practice and create a yoga routine you will do for the rest of your life 
  • How to get more out of your yoga practice – physically and mentally 
  • How to really connect breath to movement and create that magic mind-body connection 

Thank you Emilie, now it’s no longer discipline but physical joy. I’ve been practicing with you since beginning of summer and this format suits me perfectly and I’m so happy you’re doing this! I’ve come to many conclusions this fall and one is that I feel my best when I do your yoga daily.

Stina Wessman


For a while now I have been producing strong, fun and creative Vinyasa Flows that will make YOU more fit and flexible than ever before AND at the same time you’ll feel more present, more connected to yourself and more harmonic! 

In my monthly membership you get access to more than 50+ great yoga videos, a weekly schedule and a great community to cheer you forward.  

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chakra yoga flows

Open your body and balance your chakras with these 7 carefully designed, 30 minute yoga flows. Chakras are energy wheels along our spine and each chakra contributes to a part of our subtle body. If your chakras are out of balance it can contribute to a lot of emotional and physical issues. 

Yoga is an excellent way to align your chakras, and in these flows you will tap into each chakra through powerful movement, hip openers, core work, backbends and you will stretch and strengthen your entire body, from root to crown. 

Practicing these regularly will helt you find a deeper connection with yourself, inside and out. 

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Gingerem on Youtube

I have created a lot of flowy, creative and strong Vinyasa Flows that you can enjoy on YouTube! 

They are all organized for you to make it easy to find that special practice for today. 

There are slow flows, strong flows, flows for hips and for back flexibility. You have handstand videos and even a kettle bell workout!


14 day
core challenge

Join me for 14 days of fun core workouts! 

Every day you will get an email with the link to the video of the day, which will be a 5-10 minute fun (and challenging) core workout. This is excellent if you want to start working towards more advanced poses like arm balances and inversions, or if you are a yoga teacher and need some fun core exercises for your library. 

Not one day is the same as the other! 

Get that core you’ve always dreamed of!



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This past year I’ve started to share this knowledge in business with my fellow yoga students, both in a Facebook group, through blogging and with online courses and coaching. My main goal with this is to spread yoga to a wider audience, much wider than I can do myself as a yoga teacher. I consider yoga to be amazing and would love for more people to reap the benefits of a yoga practice. 

How are you as a yoga teacher working with your business? Do you feel you could use some help and guidance in areas like email marketing, social media and content creation? Maybe you want to take your yoga business online but have no idea where to start? 

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