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I love online yoga! When I practice at home I have the freedom to decide what time, what kind of practice, what level of intensity, if I want to practice something particular and I can pause the video whenever I feel like it. I also get to play my own music and pick my own location. Pretty amazing if you ask me! 

However, when practicing at home I don’t get the benefit of the beautiful yoga community and the encouraging words from my teacher. 

Therefor I decided to create an online studio where I, as your teacher, am present in a private Facebook group. I will encourage you to share your videos to get personal feedback and pep talk and also  to connect with other amazing yogis around the world. 

This is what you get in my online studio, which you can try for FREE for 14 days. Read more about it here >> 

If you feel you’d rather just check out my flows on Youtube, that’s totally fine! I release a new class every Saturday so don’t forget to subscribe and get notified when new content is uploaded. 

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practice with me on youtube

I have created a lot of flowy, creative and strong Vinyasa Flows that you can enjoy on Youtube! 

If you want access to all my flows, a dedicated Facebook group and personal coaching from me, join my online studio. Try 14 days for FREE! 




14 day
core challenge

Join me for 14 days of fun core workouts! 

Every day you will get an email with the link to the video of the day, which will be a 5-10 minute fun (and challenging) core workout. This is excellent if you want to start working towards more advanced poses like arm balances and inversions, or if you are a yoga teacher and need some fun core exercises for your library. 

Not one day is the same as another! 

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working teaching yoga?

Then you know that it’s hard work running a yoga business, which is what most of us do. 

I have been running a digital bureau for ten years, working with marketing, building customer relations, getting well paid assignments and creating content. 

This past year I’ve started to share this knowledge in business with my fellow yoga students, both in a Facebook group, through blogging and with online courses and coaching. My main goal with this is to spread yoga to a wider audience, much wider than I can do myself as a yoga teacher. I consider yoga to be amazing and would love for more people to reap the benefits of a yoga practice. 

How are you as a yoga teacher working with your business? Do you feel you could use some help and guidance in areas like email marketing, social media and content creation? Maybe you want to take your yoga business online but have no idea where to start? 

Then you could check out my Facebook group Mastering the Digital Biz of Yoga and read about my courses and coaching offerings here below. And if you join my newsletter you will get weekly tips and tricks in your inbox, and a deeper analysis in the blog. 

my online courses & programs


This is an online course where you learn how to step by step start working with email marketing in order to grow your tribe and increase your reach. 

If you want to take the first steps towards taking your business more online or just learn how to fill your workshops, retreats and trainings with ease- this is the course for you. 


The Vidya is a Yoga Business Mastermind  where we will have a lot of 1-1 time together and work towards YOUR specific goals. Vidya is Sanskrit for Education