Little did I know I would learn to handstand at 38. Or do a kick over at 39 for that matter! But that’s how it turned out. 

I have never been a gymnast or a dancer, though I have always been active, and enjoyed working out. I started spending time at different group trainings in my late teens. It was aerobic, step, slide, whatever was available, and to that I added a bit of gym and occasional running. 

In 1999 I read in Swedish Elle about Madonna turning 40 and doing yoga every day and with her lovely appearance in my mind I went to buy a yoga video on VHS. It was my first encounter with yoga. I learned the basics in the comfort of my own home, from a man and a woman doing what I now think was some sort of Hatha yoga. 

From then yoga was present in my life, but not on regular basis. Then I started doing Body Balance and became a teacher and taught for a couple of years before we moved and my two daughters came into my life and turned things upside down as kids do. 

But sometime in late 2015 I was browsing workout inspiration on Pinterest and found a photo of KinoMcGregor doing a forearm scorpion and I was completely blown away. I instantly knew I also wanted to do this, and since I was rather fit, I actually could quiet quickly, but my shape and stability was awful. 

I think that was the start of my journey. Me and my husband did a 30 day yoga challenge with Erin Motz and I liked her so much I started a subsription on DoYouYoga where she was teaching. There I found Briohny Smythe and kind of fell in love with her teaching and her yoga. So I moved over to CodyApp which became AloMoves and a new world opened up. 

In 2018 I started my @gingerem_yoga instagram account and the yoga world grew instantly. I started to join challenges, I connected to people all around the world, I learned so much every day and my practice grew. I loved online yoga and Instagram yoga. It fit me perfectly, getting to practice what I wanted whenever I wanted. Learning new drills and having a lovely community to cheer me forward. 

So I decided to become a yoga teacher. The thought had been growing for a long time, but when I found the perfect education at True North Vinyasa I was all in. I had the intention from the start to be an online yoga teacher, but as I understood the importance of teaching real people and seeing their reactions and getting their feedback I started a local studio in the small town where I live. And that’s where I am now. With a constantly growing community, both in real life and online. With new online offers, with an intention of being present with my students whether they are next door or on the other side of the world. 

Yoga is so much more than just a workout, it’s connection to yourself, to the universe and to a beautiful community.