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Welcome to your yoga flow for a daily mobility check-in!

This is the perfect online yoga class (2020) to spend 20 minutes checking in with your body and improve strength, balance, and body control. 

I know most people may not have 90, 75, or 60 minutes every day for a yoga practice. Life is busy! But maybe you’re one of us who loves getting a little bit of movement every day, and then this is the perfect flow. It might feel a bit challenging but just do as much as you can. There are no handstands or arm- balances, but there’s a lot of creative movement that will challenge your core stability and balance. 

Most likely you will build up a sweat and feel you have worked your entire body when you are done. All in 20 minutes! 

I love mobility work and this is indeed a great class for just doing that daily mobility check-in, making sure that every little part of your body has been given some attention that day. There is balance work, which engages your core, there is twisting, core work, hip- and hamstring release. It’s easy to be fooled that stretching is what you need when you feel stiff and sore, but dynamic or active stretching has proven to give so much better results. It means that you work on strengthening the muscle at the same time as you stretch it. You don’t just sit and lean into a stretch but keep an activation in the muscle. Try it and feel the difference!

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